Journey To Health, Part 2

I hope Mental health will follow physical health.

Robert Shaneyfelt


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Last night I started my latest swimming exercise program. Last night, at the start of my latest exercise extravaganza, I finished the laps of the pool.

Today. May 12. 2022 was my second consecutive day of exercise in my latest exercise extravaganza. I doubled my production to twenty laps. I won't keep up the pace of doubling my production daily throughout the summer, if I did, I probably would get an invitation to the Olympics.

Not only that, but I was not joking when I said I might get an invitation to the Olympics. (or was I at my age of 62 tears old)

surprise, You don't have to be in your teens, twenties, or even your thirties to receive an invitation to the Olympics, you just have to be good enough to receive an Olympic invitation. (as it should be)

I have actually known people close to my age that have received Olympic invitations. They mostly were serious long distant runners who participated randomly in running events.

After my swim I weighed in at 234.6 showing that I lost roughly half a pound since yesterday, this wasn’t significant. My BMI would not have changed since yesterday,

The photo was taken by the author.

I expect that as the summer progresses I will notice the difference in my muscle tone as opposed to the difference in my weight or BMI.

The photo was taken by the author.

My son’s oversized Toyota Tundra is too big to fit into my garage.


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